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The dos and don’ts of wig ownership

Gareth Bushell

Some of the most crucial pieces of advice regarding wig care and maintenance are also often the most forgotten ones – even if you’ve purchased and worn a wig before.

As one of the leading suppliers of custom made wigs and hair pieces, we see it as our duty to give you a recap on some of the tips and tricks that you won’t be able to do without as a wearer of one of these products.

The basics of brushing

You should never, ever use a normal hairbrush with your wig - not least given that you can purchase specially-made wig brushes designed to work with both synthetic and human hair wigs. Using a brush designed for natural human hair could pull out or damage fibres, ruining the look of the wig.

Even better – use your fingers to brush your wig on a regular basis, and save using a brush for when you really need it the most. 

Use only the right hair products

We’ve seen many a client become frustrated with how their wig looks or feels after piling hair product onto it – even to the point where the wig is damaged past repair.

More often than not, it’s not the amount of product that they’ve used that has caused such damage – it’s purely been down to the product itself. 

Synthetic wigs require products formulated precisely for synthetic hair. If your wig is made of human hair, opt for products that are sulphate-free or formulated for colour-treated hair.

Bad news for you foodies out there…

One of the worst things that you can do to your wig, especially if it’s synthetic, is expose it to high temperatures.

Even just the hot steam from a boiling pot of water can damage your wig beyond repair – never mind the effects that opening an extremely hot oven can have. If you frequent the kitchen, wear a scarf or cap - or let someone else do all of the work that typically generates heat.

For more essential wig-wearing tips, please don’t hesitate to contact Hairware. We are the country’s premier online wig stockists, and are even approved by the NHS to supply prescription wigs.                                                                   

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