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Human hair vs. synthetic – which is best for you?

Gareth Bushell

Choosing a wig often involves a lot more thought than simply going into a shop and choosing one, or ordering any old thing online. There are always going to be several factors to consider; what colour, what style and perhaps one of the most import things to think about, whether your wig is to be made from synthetic or human hair.

Material-wise, synthetic wigs tend to consist of polyester, acrylic or polyvinyl fibers, while human hair wigs are made from precisely that. It’s difficult to suggest which kind is best for you as an individual, given that - after all - everyone buys wigs for different purposes and will have different practical requirements and personal tastes.

That being said, we think it’s much better to list the different advantages and disadvantages that each type of wig brings, so that you can decide for yourself.

Synthetic wigs 

The quality of synthetic wigs has improved tenfold in recent years, meaning they now look a lot more like natural human hair than they did a decade or two ago.

The main advantage of synthetic wigs is that they require very little styling – sometimes even none at all. This is because the fibres that are used have a ‘memory’ – any wave, curl or volume that is set into the hair is permanently set, which allows the hair to bounce back into place if disturbed.

However, this can also be seen as a disadvantage to those of you who like to switch up your hairstyle without having to purchase multiple wigs. Synthetic hair cannot be heat styled, meaning there’s not much room for versatility. 

It’s also worth noting that synthetic wigs tend to be less durable than human hair, although proper care will extend the lifespan of the wig.

Overall, synthetic wigs are a good option for time-saving and ease of use, but not such a sound choice if you require an especially long-lasting wig that can be styled as you please.

Human hair wigs

The advantages and disadvantages are swapped with human hair.

By that, we mean that human hair wigs offer way more in terms of styling and versatility – the hair can be cut and heat-styled easily without damaging the wig. Such wigs also tend to be much more durable, lasting for up to a year instead of several months as a synthetic wig does.

Unfortunately, all of this means that human hair wigs can often end up costing much, much more than synthetic wigs do - to say nothing of the much greater maintenance they tend to need. 

The kind of wig that you choose ultimately comes down to how much maintenance you are willing to deal with, whether you want a wig that you can cut and change easily, whether you want to be able to heat style, as well as for how long you intend to keep the wig.

Choosing a wig is never easy, so get in touch with Hairware today if you need a little bit more help.




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