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Find out more about Hairware’s many hairpieces

Gareth Bushell

As a brand, we are mainly known for stocking a wide array of wigs, including NHS wigs, and serving as distributors for many reputable wig brands such as Revlon. Another part of our service, however, is the supply of hairpieces to our customers.

What are hairpieces?

‘Hairpiece’ refers to practically anything that isn’t a full wig. You may use one on your natural human hair, or in addition to a wig to quickly and easily modify its style. We offer a selection of high-quality hairpieces that tend to fit into one of the following categories. 

Clip-on buns, braids or ponytails

The name says it all, really. Simply select your style, clip it on, blend it with your hair or wig and you’re good to go. There’s no need for any hair product or heat styling, which is especially beneficial for someone wearing a wig.

Clip-in bangs or fringes

Fringes (or bangs), or a lack of them, are one of the things that is going to have the biggest impact on your hairstyle. 

Clip-in fringes allow you to experiment and judge what you would look like with a fringe, without the associated cost, commitment and growing-out time. Clip-ins can be added to both natural hair and wigs, and can easily be styled by a hairstylist to suit you. 


‘Toppers’ are used to add volume and lift to the hair, in the same way that extensions add length. They eliminate the need for any hair product or backcombing, which is already beneficial for natural human hair, but even more so for wigs.


Another self-explanatory one - extensions add length to your hair. They can be found alone or combined with a topper to add both length and volume to the hair. You can also purchase extensions that are a different colour to your own hair to experiment even further.

We recommend that you contact us for further information on any of the hairpieces we stock, or if you require assistance purchasing the one that’s right for you and your needs.

As experienced wig stockists and a trusted supplier of NHS prescription wigs, we can’t think of a better place to go for all things wigs, hairpieces and accessories.



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