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Capless wigs are commonly referred to as an "open cap" wig due to the lack of the fine net material used in the top as on a traditional cap. The entire cap is produced with weftings attached to thin stretch elastic lace making the wig better ventilated throughout and more comfortable as a result. adjustable tabs at the nape and contoured ear tabs are characteristic of this cap as well.

Highlighted Colours: Exclusive highlighted colourations by Henry Margu add a touch of realism to any style by using the most current colouring techniques to create amazingly natural appearance.(H)

GR Colours: These beautiful colours add new meaning to the word realistic. A special process allows the base of each strand of fibre to be dyed with a blacker root colour resulting in an amazingly natural colour that appears to have roots growing directly out of the scalp.(GR)

Available Colours:

1BH, 4H, 5H, 6H, 7H, 8H, 8/14H, 8/27/26GR, 8/27/33H, 12H, 14H, 16H, 2418GR, 24H18, 26GR, 26H, 27AH, 33H, 37, 38H, 43, 44H, 51H, 56, 60H, 88GR, 88H

Cap Style: Capless

Cap Size: Average

Fibre Lengths

Bang: 4 1/4"

Ear-tab: 3.5"

Nape: 3"

Top: 3 3/4"

Sides: 3 - 3.5"

Back: 3 - 3.5"

Weight: 2.25 oz