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Style-Able Effortless™ Fibre

Colour shown: 14/26/R10

What is it? Dreamy full-body lightweight curls from front to back with a Sheer Comfort hand-knotted monofilament top allowing you to move your curls in any direction. The Polyurethane front and mono top lets you part your curls or brush them back off your face.

Who’s It For? Full-featured women looking for soft curls to frame the face with an undetectable hairline.

Why Is It Different? Double hand-knotting at the top of the wig allows for versatile styling options.

How do I use it? Simply tuck your own hair into the cap of the wig, or you may wish to use a wig cap liner (included with every Soft Curls wig). Place the wig on your head and position it at the hairline. For a customized comfort fit, use the adjustable Velcro tabs at the side of your wig to adjust the cap for a comfortable fit. Tuck in any stray hairs.

Synthetic hair that is smooth, silky, and gorgeous? Absolutely!

Synthetic Style-Able Effortless™ Fibre: Feels like, looks like, wears like perfect salon cut hair.

Full-Array of Colours: TressAllure TressDimensional® Colours feature warm brunettes, cool blondes, radiant reds, and gorgeous greys.

TressAllure Quality Assurance: TressAllure uses only the finest soft pliable cap materials and our effortless synthetic fibre for a product that will continue to look beautiful after multiple washings. Care instructions are included with every TressAllure® wig and extension.

TressTech® and TressAllure After Care products recommended for optimal results.

TressAllure After Care products recommended for optimal results.


  • Hair Length 3-6” 
  • Fringe: 5½” 
  • Crown: 6½”
  • Nape: 4”
  • Cap Size: Average 21½”
  • Weight: 3 oz. 


Infographic- Sheer Comfort Mono Top  Trimmed Lace Front cap 


Style-Able Effortless™ Fibre Available in TressDimensional® Colours