£24.90 GBP

For people without the time to stand around in their birthday suits waiting for a fake tan to dry, this natural formula will leave even the most experienced tanning connoisseurs guessing whether you’re born with it or spend your days at a nude beach.

Just spray on the self tanning water, wait a few minutes, and get dressed knowing that you’ll soon be glowing as if you’ve been on a tropical holiday. All without the chemical maze of some other tans.

Best applied by spraying all over and blending with your hands (remember to wash your hands immediately after) or our Application Mitt to ensure a streak-free finish.

Key Points:

  • Water-based, full body, transparent self tan solution
  • Uses a mixture of two naturally derived tanning ingredients
  • Super easy spray-on formula that develops into a natural, bronze shade
  • Light, ultra-fast drying option – no standing around in your birthday suit!
  • Made with sensitive skin-friendly ingredients
  • Free from Parabens and Phenoxyethanol