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NHS Wigs and Prescriptions

NHS Wigs and Prescriptions

I am delighted to announce that from 02/02/2015 Budgetwigs is now an approved NHS wig supplier. This means that we can accept any prescription made to Hairware Ltd.

To receive your NHS prescription, you should consult with your local hospital. They will be able to assist with any queries you have. Many trusts have pre-approved local suppliers, but if you have a preferred supplier you can generally use that company. As part of the service we can come to you or you can come to us, and an experienced consultant will fit and supply the wig of your choice.


Unfortunately, we cannot accept NHS prescriptions for online or mail orders. Regional NHS wig provision varies, so you should contact your local supplier for definitive information on; prescription value; prescription cost; and where you can use your prescription.


As for us we would love to hear from you and can provide private consultations throughout much of the southwest.


The Hairware Team