Vicki Barnard

It’s Winter Solstice, but just because it’s bleak and cold, doesn’t mean you can’t shine bright and look amazing even whilst wrapped up! 

Welcome to the holiday season! Calendars are filling up quickly with social engagements, and women around the country are standing in their closets contemplating what to wear. It’s never easy to find the perfect outfit, but it is easy to dress up your HAIRWARE wig to make it just right, no matter the occasion!

We’ve picked a few favourite ways to keep your style fresh and sassy during the holidays. Try one, or try them all, but whatever you do, have fun! 

Add a Flip

If the world is used to seeing your ends bevelled under neatly, show them how to party by flipping those ends out. You can do this with a large barrel curling iron or even by using your straightener with a quick wrist flip at the end. You’ll be surprised to see what this simple change does to bring out your eyes.

Curl Those Layers

Layers can open up a whole new world of styling options. Using a curling iron held vertically, add loose curls around your face, keeping the ends free, and then tousle gently. The extra volume will soften fine lines (we all have them) and lend a youthful look.

Pin it Back

There’s no better way to show off that gorgeous pair of earrings than by swooping one side of your tresses back into a carefully placed bobby pin behind your ear. The asymmetry of this style will really draw attention to your holiday jewelry.

Go Retro

Pick a sparkly headband, and use it to secure your tresses lightly, just behind the bangs. Tease the crown to add volume or really ramp up the bouffant look with Hairware’s Add-On Crown, selected to match your hairpiece perfectly, or add an unexpected shade or two lighter for instant drama.

Do a Faux Updo

Gather your tresses and pin them up them up securely. Curls do nicely for hiding the pins, especially if you choose them close to your hair colour. Now, take a colourful scarf, wrap it around your hairline, and secure at the nape of your neck. The scarf will camouflage any edges and lend a festive air to your ‘do.

Now that you have a few tips and tricks in your arsenal, take things up another notch or two by trying a Smokey eye or bright lip colour. You are going to shine!