£449.99 GBP

Introducing the Chopped Pixie, a stunning, versatile and light-weight style that's sure to turn heads! With a monofilament top and ear-to-ear lace front, she is a comfortable style to wear.

What Is It? 

An incredibly light-weight, low density style that is bold and stylish. With a layered short top, a texture cut fringe and tapered back she is both sleek and comfortable. The perfect hand knotting provides a modern style that is versatile and allows a cool air flow - perfect for those summer days.

Who’s It For? 

If you're wanting a chic trendy style that weighs less than 2 ounces that you can heat style and is super easy to maintain, then this is the perfect wig for you!


  • Size Average: 21½" 
  • Hair Length: Front 3¾"
  • Temple: 2"
  • Top: 4"
  • Crown: 4½"
  • Nape/Back: 1½"
  • Weight: 1.92oz 

Colour Shown: 52/38/49/R8