£179.99 GBP


The Cool Flow Dual Styler by TressTech is the first dual purpose digital curling and straightening iron made specifically for heat friendly wigs and extensions. 

This dual styler is for anyone who wants to add curls, straighten or sculpt synthetic/human hair wigs or extensions in just seconds. A must have for all wig lovers!

Can be used on Human Hair wigs and extensions & Heat Friendly Synthetic wigs and extensions.

What Makes It Special:

  • Patented* technology cools the hair on heat-friendly synthetics as you apply heat.
  • Curls or straightens hair at temperatures as low as 121 °C 
  • Cools hair in seconds. No pinning required for synthetic heat-friendly fibers.
  • No more burning fingers.
  • Auto shut-off
  • Lets you create the perfect texture and style.

How To Use It: 

  • The breeze function will automatically activate once the selected temperature setting has been reached. Complete instructions come with every iron.


  • HOW IS THIS DIFFERENT FROM OTHER CURLING AND STRAIGHTENING IRONS?  Other irons require higher temperatures which can be harmful and damage wigs and extensions.
  • CAN I USE OTHER CURLING OR FLAT IRONS ON SYNTHETIC WIGS OR EXTENSIONS?  Possibly, but the standard flat or curling irons take much longer for the curl to form and hold or relax. They often require pinning and are difficult to handle until the hair cools. Cool Flow Dual Styler™ technology allows the curl to cool, form a curl or straighten hair instantly.
  • HOW LONG WILL THE CURLED OR STRAIGHTENED HAIR KEEP ITS SHAPE?  Until you apply heat again and straighten or curl.
  • CAN I USE IT ON ALL WIGS? NO YOU CAN ONLY APPLY HEAT TO HUMAN HAIR OR HEAT-FRIENDLY SYNTHETIC FIBERS. You can find these styles in the Heat Style-able Tressallure