£37.85 GBP

Oncology Care Pack

At MooGoo we have the honour of helping make life a little easier for our customers undergoing treatment.

Following chemo or radiation therapy, some patients suffer from dry, red, irritated and sensitive skin which can be uncomfortable and painful. This pack was created to help patients hydrate, protect, soothe and care for their skin during and after treatment. Another side effect of treatment can be cold hands and feet. To combat this, we’ve included some cosy MooGoo socks to help keep warm.

This pack also contains our new look and new formula Ultra Gentle Cleanser with Ceramides 500ml, and our newest light(er) weight, fast absorption lotion, both suitable for very sensitive skin.

Always consult your specialist before using any new products.

Each pack contains:

Fast Hydrating Lotion 500g - A hydrating, lightweight lotion that slides on s-MOO-th, rubs in easily and absorbs quickly. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Ultra Gentle Cleanser with Ceramides 500ml - the lowest-irritation cleanser available for people with extremely sensitive skin. For use on face and body.

Fresh Cream Deodorant Sensitive 60ml - Uses natural ingredients to help create a skin environment that prevents odour-causing bacteria. No bacteria, no smell.

Cow Lick Lip Balm 5g - Contains hydrating oils such as Jojoba Oil and Coconut]

Cosy Socks - To keep the toes nice and toasty. (Socks may differ from those pictured)