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A LOOK Fabulous Hair Day, Every Day
It’s Not A Wig! It’s Not A Topper! It’s The Extension.

The Extension™ is a ready-to-wear single-piece hair extension that moulds to the contours of your head for flawless length, creating incredible volume and style all in seconds.

Why is it different? Unlike other similar products, The Extension™ has light flexible polyurethane vertical bands (wefts) covered with soft silk lace for easy size adjustment. Handcrafted workmanship at the perimeter provides undetectable part and hairlines even if you pull back the sides into the super ponytail of your dreams.

How do I use it? Separate and create a lateral part in your hair just behind the crown of your head. Hold up your hair with the banana clips which are included with each extension. Lock in the comb clips attached to The Extension™ starting with the top centre clip and then the side and bottom clips. Let your own hair down, blend with The Extension, style and go.

Available Colours:  Light Gold Blonde (223/23C), Medium Gold Blonde (234/23C), Red Brown (747T), Dark Brown (4/6R), Medium Brown (8R), Red Gold Blonde (14/26R), Bright Red Brown (32/31), Dark Blonde (12/24), Auburn (27R), Dark Gold Blonde (234R)